A History of Chemistry. 1. Theoretical Background by J. R. Partington

By J. R. Partington

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By J. R. Partington

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A s Bailey* said, there is no warrant for this assumption in any of the fragments or notices. ); the individual things are in it in a sense, but from the nature of their fusion are not distinguishable { x o y p i a r d y , their presence in greater or smaller quantities influences the character of the whole. I f a white liquid is added drop by drop to a black liquid the eye cannot detect the change of colour and the sense-perceptions are limited. ^ Aristotle^ says he taught that the pores of bodies contain air, repeated the klepsydra experiment (see p.

He appealed to facts, was more interested in detail than his predecessors, and made experiments (p. ® T h e earlier Ionian philosophers chose as the basis of the material world one or other of the four ‘elements’ fire, air, water, and (rarely) earth. Empedokles’ outstanding contribution was to take all four, and this ‘theory of the four elements’ lasted until the end of the 18 cent. d . Such vitality is never accidental. ^Bumet, (i), 320; Freeman, (i), 1949, 164; (2), 48; Gilbert, 104; Goebel, 124; Gomperz, (2), i, 184, 550; Robin, 95; VS, i, 258; Zeller, (i).

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