A stochastic model for extinction and recurrence of by Finkenstadt B. F.

By Finkenstadt B. F.

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By Finkenstadt B. F.

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Q:nl -- ) lq)O so that we will define -1 ~x,n n,o The n,o A x,n-1 = P~;n-l,n L-backward k p x,n-i = R;n-l,n i x + n L-backward B x,n-1 the approximation lx+n = - ix+n} estimate (3,19a) as l[x,n-i n-l,n e error :1. x+n ! 21a) x~n . xln--I Kntn+l , v [in~ n , ix,x+n } , m=n+l (3 21b) " the B - b a c k w a r d ~x,n-1 n,m ~= _ x,n-I P~;n,m-i ix, n A= P x,n-i n, n+ 1 ]I;n,n Consequently, estimates will be e x p r e s s e d C B x,n nmn+l IIx'n-I n,m-i , ix, x+ n Nx'n-1 n, n ' the B - b a c k w a r d c approxima£ion ;n,m-I i x + n + l-m,x+n A= Pli x,n-1 ;n,n as i x + n + l-m,x+n i x,x+n ± !

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