Advances in Insect Physiology, Vol. 9 by J.E. Treherne

By J.E. Treherne

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By J.E. Treherne

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In some examples the action of the hormone is not fully understood but they all display certain features seen in the action of 5-HT on salivary glands. In every case cyclic AMP and calcium are implicated in the control of cellular activity. A. AGGREGATION OF THE SLIME MOULD, DICTYOSTELIUM DISCOIDEUM This slime mould can exist in two forms, a motile single-cell amoeba or aggregates of hundreds of individuals differentiated into a AIP-3 34 M. J. BERRIDGE AND W. T. PRINCE spore. , 197 1). Chi and Francis (1 97 1) have shown that cyclic AMP stimulates calcium efflux from prelabelled amoebae suggesting a mobilization of intracellular stores as noted in salivary glands (p.

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