Advances in Manufacturing Science and Engineering V by Jingtao Han, Xianghua Liu, Zhengyi Jiang

By Jingtao Han, Xianghua Liu, Zhengyi Jiang

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By Jingtao Han, Xianghua Liu, Zhengyi Jiang

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1 Balloon, stent and lesions artery Fig. 2 Material models Coronary stent is a bilinear isotropic hardening elastic-plastic model, and its material property is 316L austenitic stainless steel. Balloon is a hyperelastic body, and its material is polyurethane which is nearly an incompressible material. However the balloon can be assumed as an isotropic linear elastic material, it can be fully restored after its large deformation. As for the vessel and plaque, they are also hyperelastic bodies which are assumed as isotropic incompressible materials.

Wang and Y. J. C. P. P. Li Pantoea agglomerans an Agent to Remove Residual Copper from Aquaculture Activity P. Paulina, G. Corsini, T. Mario and A. R. X. Liu, X. Niu and C. H. Shu, Z. Cheng and X. N. J. Yu and L. J. Yu and L. Wu Application of PFSC in Seawater Desalination Pretreatment J. Cheng, S. F. Cao Path Design of Municipal Life Waste Recycling System M. Liu, L. Lei and Y. G. T. H. Mao, J. Shao and Y. H. Y. W. C. J. Shan The Research of the Intelligent Given and Control for the Dissolved Oxygen in the Aeration Process of Sewage Treatment C.

5 Transformer elevated seat (3) Advanced Materials Research Vols. 945-949 9 The diameter D and axis length L of the cylinder are given, α can be calculated by the equation (1), and the section of the transformer elevated seat is shown in Fig. 5. Unit conversion β =β⋅ π 180 The point E(x, y)’s coordinates is given by γ =γ ⋅ π 180 α =α ⋅ π 180 ( x − R) 2 + y 2 = R 2 (4) (5) Where, R is the diameter of the cylinder, and R=D/2. The parameter equations are given by  x = R ⋅ (1 + cos φ )   y = R ⋅ sin φ (6)  = R ⋅ϕ EF (7) The arc length is given by When the length of AB is equal to L+Rtanα, the height h is shown in the following.

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