Aer.Macchi C.202, 1941-1942

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Anleitung zur Kenntnis und Behandlung der Pistole 1900/06

Initially released in 1904. This quantity is made from electronic pictures from the Library Am Guisanplatz holdings in cooperation with the eBooks on call for (EOD) community.

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17. v. : 11a (mental disposition, character) and 13 (a characteristic attribute of someone or something). A secondary facetious or metaphorical use of definition 3 (a legal agreement) is also possible. OED tags all three senses as obsolete. 18. Antiquary in the relevant sense was a recent enough coinage to justify the earl’s question, the first citation in OED Online being from the 1587 Holinshed. OED Online does not cite antiquarian until the seventeenth century, although in 1590 Fleetwood addresses Sir Thomas Heneage as “a near antiquarian” in the epistle dedicatory to his treatise on the Duchy of Lancaster.

7. Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts, 3:345. MS Harley 6234 has the binding William A. Jackson describes as typical of Gwynne’s collection, with his name stamped in gold on the upper cover and E. G. , 15 (1934): 90–96. The volume also bears the armorial bookplate of John Holles, Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne (1662–1711): Cyril Ernest Wright, Fontes Harleiani: A Study of the Sources of the Harleian Collection of Manuscripts . . (London: British Museum, 1972), 193. 8. 8; Selden, App. 10, and App.

My Lord of Buckhurst, yow see now by this argument what the lawe of the crowne is: that a woman may as lawfully inheritte Fleetwood’s Itinerarium ad Windsor 33 the regall office and dignitie of the crowne as may a man. But what other thing hath your lordship redd of this matter? Buckhurst. We knowe that God hath determined this matter longe since, for thus saith God with His owne mouth in the booke of Nombers, chapter 27, “Si homo moreatur absque filio, ad filiam eius transibit haereditas”: If a man die without a sonne, his inheritance shall passe unto his daughter.

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