Aristophanea by Nigel G. Wilson

By Nigel G. Wilson

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By Nigel G. Wilson

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Having such power and such goodness He willed that there be another who could contemplate that being whom He had made from Himself. Therefore He made humankind to be an imitator of His reason and loving care. The will of God is the greatest perfection since willing and accomplishing are complete in the same instant of time. Thus He made human beings of His own essence. He perceived that they would not be able to love and care for all things unless He protected them with a material covering. So God sheltered them with a corporeal dwelling place and ordained the same for all human beings, and in just proportion He mixed and blended two natures into one.

Thus mankind has been created in part divine and in part mortal, consisting of body. Humans possessed by possessions [11] ‘Now the measure of this double being, that is of man, is firstly reverence for God, which is followed by goodness. For that goodness indeed seems perfect when it is protected by the virtue of despising the desire for everything else. All those things that are possessed because of the body’s desire for earthly things are alien to the parts of a man which have kinship with the divine.

The root cause is ignorance. It is the ignorance leading to desire for possessions that has to be removed. 44 In the Corpus Hermes gives an allegorical account of Man wishing to create and receiving the assent, though not the command, of the Supreme. He does create; but seeing his reflection in Nature, mistakes it for himself and uniting with Nature in love falls into all manner of suffering. In Poimandres (the title of the first book in the Corpus) the Nous of the supreme rescues the soul from such ignorance.

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