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Anleitung zur Kenntnis und Behandlung der Pistole 1900/06

Initially released in 1904. This quantity is made out of electronic photos from the Library Am Guisanplatz holdings in cooperation with the eBooks on call for (EOD) community.

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Wherfore, to the torning away of so great evills, and the procuring of so great and inestimable benefites to our sovereign queene and countrie, as we have not with-holden our utmost indevours to the discoverie of the publique enormities and sinnes of these times, in all truth and freedome, being readie yet furder to witnesse and approve the same, if such neade be, to the face of our greatest adversaries and gainsayers, 22 HENRY BARROW by the evidence of God’s word. So now it remaineth that we instantly beseach your Honor, even in the name of God, before whome we shall all of us shortly appeare to our accompt and judgment, by whome this chardge is layed upon you (the cause being now brought, and by both sides, aswell our adversaries as us, layed open before your Honor) that you would now be a meanes to her right excellent Majestie that these weighty and dangerous matters may be no longer wrapped up or put off in securitie and silence (lest these our soffrings and testimonies rise in judgment with this generation), but may rather be furder inquired and discussed, and order and redresse taken according to the will of God.

The reference to the false prophet is from Revelation 2:14, and pertains to Balaam In Numbers, chapters 22–24, the conduct of Balaam seems exemplary, but Jehovah was displeased when Balaam accompanied the princes of Moab (22:22), although Jehovah seems to have given permission to go (22:20). Balaam was slain by the people of Israel. (31:8). In Joshua 13:22 Balaam is termed a soothsayer. See also II Peter 2:15 and Jude 1:11 ; Deuteronomy 23:4, Joshua 24:9, 10, Nehemiah 13:2, Micah 6:6. 2 1 This probably refers to the Presbyterian Supplication to Parliament and to the Bill and Book, presented to the House of Commons on.

Aii recto, 65–70. , that the papistes used and left in this land, as the Donatists did. , as the Donatists did. 3 Only here observing, how the malicious man still (by the just judgment of God) falleth into the same pitte, which he digged for the innocent. For whilest he would accuse us to derogate from the prince’s authoritie, in not allowing her to make lawes for the church: and greatly to blemish her fame and diminish her love emongst her subjects, whilest we denie these parishes to be true established churches of Christ, he himself layeth upon her al these popish trumperies, idolatrous reliques, antichristian enormities and abuses of their church; and distaineth.

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